The Secret Benefits of a Water Ionizer

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The human body consists of approximately 70% of water. Did you know that the human brain is composed of approximately 75% water and majority of our body’s daily functions is regulated by water?

Some of the most important functions include maintaining the pH balance, the system that removes waste and the body temperature.

All of these major activities are affected greatly by the amount of water that we intake. It is not just the water; the normal functioning depends on both the amount of water we intake as well as the quality.

People generally tend to drink water directly from the tap. The issue of doing this is that when you drink directly from the tap, you tend to lose out on so many benefits.

You would also end up receiving a number of things that you would not by consuming ionized water. In short, drinking water directly from the tap is not beneficial for your health on a longer term; in fact water directly from the tap could cause danger to your health.

Many believe that water filters and water ionizers are the same. There is however a huge difference between them.

Water filters only removes the harmful elements contained in the water while water passing through a water ionizer would undergo a scientific change.

By scientific change, it means that water becomes alkalized and ionized. This does not happen with a normal water filter.

Water ionizers are not complex instruments. These are simple units that can be attached directly to your kitchen’s water supply and will give you clean and ionized water by mere activation of a button.

  • The benefits that you receive as a result of using an ionizer are immense.

Here is what a water ionizer does to your water. By letting water pass through the ionizer, it gets split into two parts – acidic and alkaline.

Alkaline water is pure and can be utilized for drinking and cooking purposes, while the acidic water can be used for cleaning and gardening purposes.

  • Approximately 70% of the water that passes through the water ionizer gets converted to alkaline water while the rest gets separated as acidic water.

So how does ionized water help? This type of water not only improves the taste of food cooked with it, it also helps your body absorb all the benefits of drinking pure water.

By cooking food using ionized water, digestion of food happens more smoothly. The other benefit is efficient functioning of the body’s waste removal system.

With the waste removal system working efficiently, toxins gets removed from the body more effectively thereby helping you lose weight.

Another critical aspect of ionized water is that the process of ionization changes the molecular arrangement of water.

  • By drinking ionized water, it helps in allowing the body to get hydrated more quickly than regular water. The faster we hydrate, the better the temperature of the body gets regulated.

Overall, with a very simple investment, you could get numerous benefits. A water ionizer ensures that valuable minerals get passed on to you thereby helping you live a healthy life.

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  • Lewis Matthew

    Nice!! Now days we can see that people are tempted to have fast foods which creates acidic waste leading to many health problems.Drinking alkaline water can helps you relieve from many health related issues like chronic pains, diabetes and restores PH level in balance.